Family Medicinean official journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, aims to publish high quality, original scholarship about education in family medicine and primary care. The journal publishes original research, systematic reviews, narrative essays, and policy analyses relevant to the discipline of family medicine, particularly focusing on primary care medical education, health workforce policy, and health services research. The journal does not publish clinical review articles.

Family Medicine is committed to advancing efforts towards inclusion and antiracism in all journal-related activities. We endeavor to eliminate bias and racism in our editorial process and published content.
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Authors’ Response to "The Oral Health Care Provider’s Role in Management of the MOUD Patient”
Christine Hancock, MD, MS | Ashley Johnson, MPH | Mandy Sladky, RN, MSN, CARN | LuAnn Lawton Chen, MD, MHA | Stephanie Shushan, MHA | Michael L. Parchman, MD, MPH

Continuity of Care: A Primer for Family Medicine Residencies
Gregory M. Garrison, MD, MS | Matthew R. Meunier, MD | Christopher L. Boswell, MD | Jason D. Greenwood, MD, MS | Terri Nordin, MD | Kurt B. Angstman, MD

The Best Gift a Mom Could Give
Dominique Fons, MD

The Evaluation of Family Medicine Residency Programs for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Milestones
Santina J.G. Wheat, MD, MPH | Katherine M. Wright, PhD, MPH | A. Ildiko Martonffy, MD | Suki Tepperberg, MD, MPH | Paul A. Ravenna, MD | John B. Waits, MD, CPE | Fadya El Rayess, MD, MPH

Family Medicine Residents Desperate for Abortion Education
Nick DeVetter, DO | Jack Westfall, DO | Erin C. Westfall, DO




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