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Recently Published

Impact Over 3 Years of a Family Medicine-led Addiction Medicine Curriculum for Medical Students
Anne Keenan, MD | Elizabeth Sopdie, PhD | Jack Keilty | Kirby Clark, MD

Changing Missions of Medical Schools and Trends in Medical Student Diversity
Kendall M. Campbell, MD | Dmitry Tumin, PhD | Jhojana L. Infante Linares, MS | Laura Porterfield, MD | Tibor Kisel, BS

Passing the Torch: A Mother–Daughter Journey in Family Medicine
Rebecca Lach, MD, MPH | Tammy C. MD, MPH | Jeffrey Borkan, MD, PhD

Racial Trauma and the Physician Craft: From Understanding to Humility
Anne C. Jones, DO, MPH

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Mistakes That Authors Make in Their Submissions to Family Medicine

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The journal is interested in curriculum designed for medical students and residents, projects that impact resident and faculty work life, as well as policy papers that comment on issues related to the discipline. The journal is also interested in papers describing DEIA initiatives developed in departments, residencies, and medical schools. We publish research, narratives, and commentaries.

It is our hope that this blog post helps authors consistently submit strong papers in the future.