Peer-Reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research (PRiMER) is an open access scholarly journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. As a companion to other STFM journals, PRiMER is focused on publishing small, rigorously designed original research briefs in medical education and health workforce policy, as well as learner research.

ISSN: 2575-7873

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Recent Articles


If You Build It They Will Come…and Stay: A Community-Based Family Medicine Program

Mary-Kay Whittaker, BSc | Stu Murdoch, MD, CCFP | Linda Rozmovits, PhD | Caroline Abrahams, MPA | Risa Freeman, MD, CCFP

Published: 11/27/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.635563

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Medical Student Perspectives on LGBTQ Health

Julie A. Christensen, MD | Travis Hunt, MD | Steven A. Elsesser, MD | Christine Jerpbak, MD

Published: 11/22/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.288724

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Academic Detailing From Medical Students: Part of a Plan to Emphasize Feedback in One Clerkship

Robert P. Wilfahrt, MD | Sara S. Oberhelman, MD | Zachary T. Merten, MD | Kurt B. Angstman, MD

Published: 11/20/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.469608

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Personal Manuscript Acceptance Rates: Metrics for Self-assessment in Scholarship

Andrew H. Slattengren, DO | Deborah Finstad | Michael B. Pitt, MD

Published: 11/14/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.834349

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Impact of a Hands-on Knee Exam Workshop on Medical Student Clinical Examination Scores

Mohammed Miniato, BS | Paul Schaefer, MD, PhD | David Weldy, MD, PhD

Published: 10/18/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.185529

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