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Family Medicine will begin offering key articles Online First beginning in Spring 2018.

Online First allows final revision articles (completed articles in queue for assignment to an upcoming issue) to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final print and online journal issue. 

Publishing Online First provides clear benefits to readers and authors of the journal's online content. The feature will allow Family Medicine readers the ability to access the latest papers in family medicine education. Authors also benefit from reduced lead times between submission and publication of articles. An author's research will therefore reach its audience more quickly, enabling an article to receive greater usage and exposure, including earlier citation opportunities by related work.


Strengthening Primary Care Through Family Medicine Around the World

Collaborating Toward Promising Practices

Katherine Rouleau, MD | Monique Bourget, MD | Patrick Chege, MD | Francois Couturier, MD | Paula Godoy-Ruiz, PhD | Paul H. Grand'Maison, MD | Melanie Henry, MD | Kerling Israel, MD | Videsh Kapoor, MD | Hendra Kurniawan, MD | Louella Lobo, MD | Mahamane Maiga, PhD | Samantha Pereira Franca, MD | Lynda Redwood-Campbell, MD | Jamie Rodas, MPH | Raman Sohal, MA, MBA | Dawit Wondimagegn, MD | Robert Woolard, MD

Published Online First: 3/8/2018

doi: 10.22454/FamMed.2018.210965

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