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JANUARY 2019  Vol. 51 No. 1


The Most Shocking and Inhuman

Bich-May Nguyen, MD, MPH


The Time Is Now

Elizabeth H. Naumburg, MD | Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH


Student Race and Gender and Patient Encounters in a Family Medicine Clerkship

Joseph Hobbs, MD | David L. Kriegel, MD | Ashley Saucier, MD | Denise M. Hodo, MPH | Stephen W. Looney, PhD

The Efficacy of an Antioppression Curriculum for Health Professionals

Diana Wu, MD | Lamercie Saint-Hilaire, MD | Andrew Pineda | Danielle Hessler, PhD | George W. Saba, PhD | René Salazar, MD | Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH


Matching Our Mission: A Strategic Plan to Create a Diverse Family Medicine Residency

Maria Harsha Wusu, MD, MSEd | Suki Tepperberg, MD, MPH | Janice M. Weinberg, ScD | Robert B. Saper, MD

Antiracism in Residency: A Multimethod Intervention to Increase Racial Diversity in a Community-Based Residency Program

Jessica Guh, MD | Collette R. Harris, MD, MS | Patricia Martinez, MD | Frederick M. Chen, MD, MPH | L. Paul Gianutsos, MD, MPH

Learner Reactions to Activities Exploring Racism as a Social Determinant of Health

Syeachia N. Dennis, MD, MPH | Rachel S. Gold, MA | Frances K. Wen, PhD

A Longitudinal Underserved Community Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents

Christine Jacobs, MD | Adam Seehaver, MSW | Sarah Skiold-Hanlin, MS


I’m Not Here to Judge

Winfred Frazier, MD, MPH


Amy H. Buchanan, MD



In It Together for the Long Run

Beat Steiner, MD, MPH | Frederick M. Chen, MD, MPH | Stacy H. Brungardt, CAE | Stephen A. Wilson, MD, MPH