March 2020–March 2021, Seattle

Claire Thomson, MD, MPH

Fam Med. 2022;54(2):151-151.

DOI: 10.22454/FamMed.2022.208718

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In a year out of time,
you and I measured week by week.

In March, the virus was a wave poised
and you were the tiny oval
on the after-hours ultrasound.
A secret I wrapped in an isolation gown
and carried into negative pressure rooms,
until you gave me a crash course
on what I would ask of myself
and others
to protect you.
We retreated to a virtual fortress. 

In August, I sweat through my mask.
You kicked me up the mountain trail
and squirmed as I swam in the bowl of snow melt at the top. 
The world had pressed pause on hurrahs
but I wanted my last one,
to be more than a voice on the phone.

In October, labor pushed us both underwater,
fast and unceasing, unceasing
it ceased.
We took a breath,

And now it is March again, and I am back in the yellow isolation gown. 
You are waiting for me at home, a sleepless peace. 
The wave is still crashing, 
but we are swimming, together
we are swimming. 

Lead Author

Claire Thomson, MD, MPH

Affiliations: Swedish First Hill Family Medicine Residency

Corresponding Author

Claire Thomson, MD, MPH

Correspondence: 2819 NE 117th St, Seattle, WA 98125.


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