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East River Reflections

The glassy undulating surface of water is a non-stop, delightful, and hypnotic display. The mosaic of shapes and colors (blues, greens, blacks, whites, browns, and sometimes red and yellow) result from the physical/geometric optics and chemical physics of the water and surrounding environment. The color of water is determined by upwelling light underneath the surface, reflected skylight, and light scattered by the intervening air, collectively involving absorption, refraction, reflection and scattering. Its appearance is influenced by sunlight, clouds, sediment, bubbles, depth, bottom vegetation, the viewing angle and whether the water is calm or ruffled. Water's  “intrinsically” blue color arises from internuclear vibrational transitions. Most or all other blue substances owe their color to electronic transitions. In his delightful book Clouds in a Glass of Beer, Dr Craig F. Bohren writes that “The world was not designed for the convenience of those who frame multiple choice questions.” Undoubtedly true, unless there are numerous choices including “All of the Above.”

—Photo and caption courtesy of Manfred Hauben, MD, MPH

November-December 2023  Vol. 55 No. 10


The Power of Policy

Yohualli Balderas-Medina Anaya, MD, MPH


An 8-Year Review of Match Outcomes From a Primary Care Pipeline Program

Jo Marie Reilly, MD, MPH | Ilana Greenberg, MPH

Cultural Influences Catalyzing Resident Scholarly Productivity

David Garcia, MD | Roselyn W. Clemente Fuentes, MD, MMAS | Steven Hyer, PhD | Christine M. Broszko, MD

Barriers to and Facilitators of Contraceptive Implant Training in New Jersey Family Medicine Residencies: A Qualitative Study

Stephanie Mischell, MD | Kenya Cabrera, MD | Tiana Acosta | Jeffrey P. Levine, MD, MPH | Anna Sliwowska, MD | Jennifer Amico, MD, MPH

Conceptualizing “Preparedness for Practice”: Perspectives of Early-Career Family Physicians

Monica Aggarwal, PhD | Reham Abdelhalim, MD, PhD, CPHQ | Nancy Fowler, MD, CCFP | Ivy Oandasan, MD, CCFP, MHSc


The Daily Mile: The Impact of an Elementary School-Based Exercise Program on Pulmonary Function

Arch G. Mainous 3rd, PhD | Jasmine R. Essa, MPH | Sean Sauer, MPH | Rachel Bennett | Sean Keck, MPH | Ara Jo, PhD

Impact of Primary Care Exception Expansion on Family Medicine Resident Billing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Allison Cummings, MD | Nelson Chiu, MD | David V. Evans, MD | C. Holly A. Andrilla, MS | Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD


Still Life: Coming Home in 55 Words

Elizabeth A. Fleming, MD

Coming Out

Bart Watts, DDS | José E. Rodríguez, MD, FAAFP

The Most Important Thing

T. Aaron Zeller, MD


Savannah’s Bethesda: Healing for All

Alexis Reedy-Cooper, MD, MPH


Holly Salzman, MD


Authors’ Response to “Captive Samples Are Not the Answer to Survey Response Rates”

Annie Ericson, MA | Kathryn Bonuck, MSEd | Larry A. Green, MD | Colleen Conry, MD | James C. Martin, MD | Patricia A. Carney, PhD, MS