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JUNE 2019  Vol. 51 No. 6



John Saultz, MD



Entrustable Professional Activity Utilization: A CERA Study of Family Medicine Residency Program Directors

Jennie B. Jarrett, PharmD, MMedEd | Jumana Antoun, MD, MS | Memoona Hasnain, MD, PhD, MHPE

Coding Family Medicine Residency Clinic Visits, 99213 or 99214? A Residency Research Network of Texas Study

Richard A. Young, MD | Sarah Holder, DO | Neelima Kale, MD | Sandra K. Burge, PhD | Kaparaboyna A. Kumar, MD

Identifying Students at Risk of Failing the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination

Susan Rosenthal, MD | Stefani Russo, MD | Katherine Berg, MD | Joseph Majdan, MD | Jennifer Wilson, MS | Charlotte Grinberg, MD | Jon Veloski, MS

Factors Associated With Successfully Filling Faculty Vacancies in Family Medicine

Kelly M. Everard, PhD | Kimberly Zoberi, MD | Christine Jacobs, MD

The Family Medicine Attitudes Questionnaire: A Valid Instrument to Assess Student Attitudes Toward Family Medicine

Julie P. Phillips, MD, MPH | Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH | Laurie Fitzpatrick | Brian Mavis, PhD

Patient and Physician Preferences for Reporting Research Findings

Elizabeth Mostofsky, ScD, MPH | Jillian A. Dunn, BA | Sonia Hernández-Díaz, MD, DrPH | Murray A. Mittleman, MD, DrPH


Residency Faculty Teaching Evaluation: What Do Faculty, Residents, and Program Directors Want?

Linda Myerholtz, PhD | Alfred Reid, MA | Hannah M. Baker, MPH | Lisa Rollins, PhD | Cristen P. Page, MD, MPH

Differences in Coaching Needs Among Underrepresented Minority Medical Students

Skender Najibi, MD | Patricia A. Carney, PhD | Erin K. Thayer, BA | Nicole M. Deiorio, MD


The Weight Behind the Scale

Luke Stanisce, MD

Old Woman Purple

Natalie Kong, MD


Introduction to Biosocial Medicine

William E. Cayley, MD, MDiv

Medical Axioms

Scott Krugman, MD, MS


Family Medicine’s Contribution to the HIV Workforce

Keith Egan, DO | Anuradha Jetty, MPH | Stephen Petterson, PhD | Winston Liaw, MD, MPH | Peter M. Wingrove, BS | Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH


STFM for All

Frederick M. Chen, MD, MPH