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April 2020  Vol. 52 No. 4


Implementing Competency-Based Medical Education in Family Medicine: A Scoping Review on Residency Programs and Family Practices in Canada and the United States

Craig Campbell, MD | Paul Hendry, MD, MSc | Dianne Delva, MD, CCFP | Natalia Danilovich, PhD, MD, MSc | Simon Kitto, PhD

Formal Advocacy Curricula in Family Medicine Residencies: A CERA Survey of Program Directors

Anastasia J. Coutinho, MD | Bich-May Nguyen, MD, MPH | Christina Kelly, MD | Kenneth W. Lin, MD, MPH | Alexandra Gits, MD | Renee Crichlow, MD | Gerardo Moreno, MD, MSHS

Utilizing the F3App to Capture Learner Feedback About Faculty Teaching

Linda Myerholtz, PhD | Hannah M. Baker, MPH | Lisa Rollins, PhD | Cristen Page, MD, MPH


The Association of Direct Observation of Medical Students With Patient-Centered Care for Obesity

Nathaniel Miller, MD | Kurt B. Angstman, MD | Michelle van Ryn, PhD, MPH | Gregory M. Garrison, MD, MS | Kristin Fischer, MPH | Sean Phelan, PhD

Feasibility of Nonanonymous Burnout Surveys in a Large Academic Department

Timothy D. Riley, MD | William J. Curry, MD, MS | Michael J. Beck, MD | Arthur Berg, PhD | Mack T. Ruffin IV, MD, MPH

Racism as Experienced by Physicians of Color in the Health Care Setting

Kelly Serafini, PhD | Caitlin Coyer, MS | Joedrecka Brown Speights, MD | Dennis Donovan, PhD | Jessica Guh, MD | Judy Washington, MD | Carla Ainsworth, MD, MPH

Getting the Predoc Back Into Documentation: Students as Scribes During Their Clerkship

Bryan S. Delage, MD | Kamille Sherman, MD | Gwen Halaas, MD | Eric L. Johnson, MD


Things Worth Remembering

Robert Cole Schmidt

The Day the EMR Went Down

Suzanne Minor, MD

She Won’t Be Back

Richard Bronson, MD


COVID-19 and Family Doctors

Frederick M. Chen, MD, MPH