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June 2021  Vol. 53 No. 6


Being Brave

Andrea L. Wendling, MD | Valerie Gilchrist, MD | Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD | Jennifer Lochner, MD | Julie P. Phillips, MD, MPH | Sara G. Shields, MD, MS | Kirsten Winnie, MD


Mandating Clinician COVID-19 Vaccination May Hinder Population-Level Uptake

Aimee R. Eden, PhD, MPH | Anastasia J. Coutinho, MD, MHS


“Am I Making More of It Than I Should?": Reporting and Responding to Sexual Harassment

Holly Ann Russell, MD, MS | Colleen T. Fogarty, MD, MSc | Susan H. McDaniel, PhD | Elizabeth H. Naumburg, MD | Anne Nofziger, MD | Tziporah Rosenberg, PhD | Mechele Sanders, PhD | Kevin Fiscella, MD, MPH

Gender Differences in Authorship of Family Medicine Publications, 2002-2017

Tilden Keller, MHA | Megan Wilson, MD | Kevin Chung, MD | C. Holly A. Andrilla, MS | David V. Evans, MD | Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD

Academic Achievement, Professionalism, and Burnout in Family Medicine Residents

Caitlin Davis, MD, MSc | Meenu Krishnasamy, MD | Zachary J. Morgan, MS | Andrew W. Bazemore, MD, MPH | Lars E. Peterson, MD, PhD

Using a Delphi Technique to Define a Feedback Culture in Graduate Medical Education

Cristen P. Page, MD, MPH | Hannah M. Baker, MPH | Linda Myerholtz, PhD


Joint Guidelines for Protected Nonclinical Time for Faculty in Family Medicine Residency Programs

Simon Griesbach, MD | Mary Theobald, MBA | Karyn Kolman, MD | Kim Stutzman, MD | Sarah Holder, DO | Michelle A. Roett, MD, MPH, CPE | Louanne Friend, PhD, MN, RN | Glenn V. Dregansky, DO | Winfred Frazier, MD, MPH | Gregory R. Lewis, MD


Using the Objective Structured Teaching Ecounter to Assess Resident Teaching Skills

Sangrok Oh, DO, MS | Timothy Servoss, PhD | Diana Wilkins, MD

Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Family Medicine Residents: Attitudes and Confidence

Jerica Johnson, MD | David Stromberg, MD | Byrch Willims, MD | Nina Greenberg, MS, MPH | Orrin Myers, PhD

Resident Outcomes and Perspectives Over 2 Years of a New Scholarship Curriculum

Katherine R. Standish, MD | Sam C. Gonzalez, MD | Victor Roy, MD, PhD | Chelsea M. McGuire, MD, MS | Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD | Robert B. Saper, MD


The Mask

Jeffrey H. Millstein, MD | Kirsten Sandgren

Spring Cleaning

Jessica C. Hauser, PhD


In Response to: “Systemic Racism and Health Disparities: A Statement From Editors of Family Medicine Journals”

Yury Parra, MD, FAAFP, AAHIVS | Tanya Anim, MD, FAAFP | Krys E. Foster, MD, MPH | Kari-Claudia Allen, MD, MPH | Octavia Amaechi, MD | Juan Robles, MD | Maria Harsha Wusu, MD, MSEd



Aaron J. Michelfelder, MD