Stranger Danger

Geralyn Colette Moody, BS

Fam Med. 2022;54(1):60-60.

DOI: 10.22454/FamMed.2022.366413

Stranger danger!
I’ve been told,
ever since I was
three years old.

This room is too bright.
Her coat is too white.

GO AWAY! I cry,
but they don’t get why.
This lady is tall!
I don’t know her at all!

A mask covers her face.
What is this odd place?

She has a weird coat
She looks in my throat
She pokes in my ears
Mom wipes my tears.

They press hard on my tummy
I reach out for my mummy.

Cold circle, press on my back.
something, something, Cardiac?
Bright light, shine in my eyes.
something, something, Immunize.

More people come in
their faces hidden.

Now they’re holding me down
covered just by a gown.
Needle big as my hand
I still don’t understand.

They say it won’t hurt,
I’m still on high alert.

They stab at my thigh,
it burns and I cry.
They seem mad that I cried,
but I’m mad that they lied.

They were in such a hurry,
that they ignored my worry.

I have a whole list
about how Doctors could fix
the way that they work
with kids who are six.

Lead Author

Geralyn Colette Moody, BS

Corresponding Author

Geralyn Colette Moody, BS

Correspondence: 1708 Forest Ridge Drive, Traverse City, MI 49686. 248-804-0090.

Email: geralyncmoody@gmail.com

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