Peer-Reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research (PRiMER) is an open access scholarly journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. As a companion to other STFM journals, PRiMER is focused on publishing small, rigorously designed original research briefs in medical education and health workforce policy, as well as learner research.

ISSN: 2575-7873

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Recent Articles


Improving Identification of Food-Insecure Patients in an Outpatient Clinic Setting

Oluwaseun O. Acquah, MD | Amanda M. Honsvall Hoefler, MD | Isaac Zoller, MD | Lynn P. Manning, MD | Donald J. Pine, MD | Richard F. Mitchell, MD, MS

Published: 2/21/2020

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2020.115304

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Practice Makes Perfect: Training Residents in Difficult Encounters

Jack Wells, MD, MHA | Nikole J. Cronk, PhD

Published: 1/14/2020

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2020.924066

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A String of Pearls: Lessons for Medical Writing and Submitting for Publication

Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD

Published: 1/13/2020

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2020.574980

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