Peer-Reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research (PRiMER) is an open access scholarly journal of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. As a companion to other STFM journals, PRiMER is focused on publishing small, rigorously designed original research briefs in medical education and health workforce policy, as well as learner research.

ISSN: 2575-7873

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Recent Articles


Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Community Partnerships in Primary Care

Jamie Weinand, MD | Athena Huckaby, MPH | Olivia Chavez, RN | Ramona Sharma, MD | Jeanette Lara, DO | Laura Leija, MD | Christopher Morriss, MD | Shawn Rowland, MD | Davena Norris, PharmD | Minerva Medrano de Ramirez, MD | Salvador Adame-Zambrano, MD | John Andazola, MD | Ivan De La Rosa, PhD, LMSW

Published: 9/13/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.649767

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Can Teachers Distinguish Competencies From Entrustable Professional Activities?

Mark Broussenko, MD | Sarah Burns, MD | Fok-Han Leung, MD | Diana Toubassi, MD

Published: 9/10/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.433736

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Technology Use to Deliver Faculty Development: A CERA Study

Suzanne Minor, MD | Suzanne Baker, MA | Joanna Drowos, DO, MPH, MBA | Jumana Antoun, MD, MS | Dennis Baker, PhD | Suzanne Leonard Harrison, MD | Alexander W. Chessman, MD

Published: 8/15/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.520410

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Increasing Chlamydia Testing Rates via Targeted Outreach

Deyze Badarane, MD, MPH | Jordan Knox, MD | Ana Camacho, MA-C | Michael K. Magill, MD | Sonja Van Hala, MD, MPH | Jessica L. Jones, MD, MSPH

Published: 6/18/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.669190

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Assessing Family Medicine Residents’ Preparedness for the Practice of Geriatric Care

Emily Ingram, MD | Owen Dunkley, BSc | Karen Willoughby, MD, PhD | Mark Yaffe, MD, MCISc | Charo Rodríguez, MD, PhD

Published: 5/31/2019

Citation: 10.22454/PRiMER.2019.488305

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