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About the Cover:
Storms happen, lots of them. But sometimes a storm, illness, or loss, can clear the air for what’s next. We can see more clearly what matters and what our options are. 
©Artist: Geri deGruy
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April 2023  Vol. 55 No. 4


Stages of Development

Meaghan Ruddy, PhD


More Than Half of Family Medicine Clerkships Do Not Address Systemic Racism: A CERA Study

Kristina M. Bridges, PhD† | Kathryn Rampon, MD† | Natabhona Mabachi, PhD | Wendi Born, PhD | Amanda Kost, MD, MEd | Daniel J. Parente, MD, PhD | Laurel B. Witt, MD, MPhil#

Resident Visit Productivity and Attitudes About Continuity According to 3 Versus 4 Years of Training in Family Medicine: A Length of Training Study

M. Patrice Eiff, MD | Annie Ericson, MA | Dang H. Dinh, MS | Steele Valenzuela, MS | Mark T. Nadeau, MD | W. Perry Dickinson, MD | Colleen M. Conry, MD | James C. Martin, MD | Patricia A. Carney, PhD

Associations of the Informal Curriculum and Student Perceptions of Research With Family Medicine Career Choice

Paul Beinhoff | Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH | Julie P. Phillips, MD, MPH | Jennifer Edwards-Johnson, DO, MPH | Stephen Holihan, MD | Michael Gomez, MD | Andrea L. Wendling, MD

Challenges Meeting Training Requirements in the Care of Children in Family Medicine Residency Programs: A CERA Study

Scott Krugman, MD, MS | Laura Nell Hodo, MD | Zachary J. Morgan, MS | Aimee R. Eden, PhD, MPH


Early Identification of Family Physicians Using Qualitative Admissions Data

Jacqueline M. Knapke, PhD | Hillary R. Mount, MD | Erin McCabe | Saundra L. Regan, PhD | Barbara Tobias, MD

Addressing Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias: Mandatory Modules Are Not Enough

Holly Ann Russell, MD, MS | Mechelle Sanders, PhD | Anne Nofziger, MD | Colleen T. Fogarty, MD, MSc | Susan H. McDaniel, PhD | Tziporah Rosenberg, PhD | Kevin Fiscella, MD, MPH | Elizabeth Naumburg, MD

Dermoscopy Training in Family Medicine Residencies: A CERA Survey of Program Directors

Miranda D. Lu, MD | Richard Usatine, MD | James Holt, MD | Diane M. Harper, MD, MPH, MS | Alexandra Verdieck, MD

Evaluation of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training for Family Physicians Using Teleultrasound

Frances M. Russell, MD | Audrey Herbert, MD | Daniela Lobo, MD | Robinson Ferre, MD | Benjamin K. Nti, MD



Harminder Grewal, MD, MB, BS, DGO


Ellen Zhang

Locs That Bind

Kwanza Devlin, MD

By the Bedside

Ellen Zhang


Out of Patients: A Novel

Kirsten Winnie, MD


Predictive Value of In-Service Exams

Thomas R. O'Neill, PhD

Authors’ Response to Recent Letters

Jonathan W. Torres, DO, MPA | Christopher Zipp, DO | Jeanne M. Sandella, DO | John R. Bowling, DO | Gregory James, DO, MPH, FACOFP dist. | Nicholas Williams, MEd | Lidia Martinez, MS | Bob Moore, MA, CAE


Take a Deep Breath

Linda Myerholtz, PhD