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Diversity, equity, and inclusion promote a society where every individual is valued and respected for their unique perspectives, backgrounds, and abilities. Embracing these principles fosters an environment where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute, thrive, and achieve their full potential.

June 2023  Vol. 55 No. 6


Making DEIA Decisions—Together

Octavia Amaechi, MD


An Evaluation of STFM’s National Addiction Curriculum

Randi Sokol, MD, MPH, MMedEd | John Ahern, MB, BCh, BAO, B.Dent.Sc, MSc, PhD | Brandon Pleman, MD | Paul Rizzo, MD | A. Taylor Walker, MD, MPH | Katherine Wang | Matthew P. Martin, PhD, MS, LMFT

Infrastructure Features Associated With Increased Department Research Capacity

Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH | Richelle J. Koopman, MD, MS | Amanda Weidner, MPH | Ambar Kulshreshtha, MD, PhD | Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD

Visual Learning Equity: A Course Auditing System of Skin Color in Preclinical Medical Education

Jordan E. Lamb, BS | Andre X. Stone, BS | Esa M. Davis, MD, MPH | Alaina J. James, MD, PhD

Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Rural Obstetric Training for Family Physicians

Erin Fredrickson, DO, MPH | David V. Evans, MD | Sara Woolcock, MPH | C. Holly A. Andrilla, MS | Lisa A. Garberson, PhD | Davis G. Patterson, PhD


Impact of a Medical Scribe Program on the Educational Trajectory of Prehealth and Underrepresented in Medicine Students

Jacob Less | Cathina Nguyen, MPH, RN, MSN, FNP-C | Valerie Teng, MD | Steven Lin, MD

Improving Chronic Pain Management in a Family Medicine Residency

Matthew Traxler, MD | Jamie Borick, MD | Samuel Ofei-Dodoo, PhD, MPA, MA | Amy Curry, MD | Sarah Love, MD | Cynthia Nash, MD

Improvement of Medical Student Performance in Telemedicine Standardized Patient Encounters Following an Educational Intervention

Emily M. Murphy, MD | Ariella Stein, MPH | Amit Pahwa, MD | Maura McGuire, MD | Tina Kumra, MD

Telemedicine Competencies in Family Medicine Clerkships: A CERA Study

Rika Bajra, MD | Steven Lin, MD | Mary Theobald, MBA | Jumana Antoun, MD, PhD


The Janitor Will See You Now

John E. Ukadike, DO, MPH

The Other Quest

Paul Haidet, MD, MPH


Improving the Virtual Interview Process

Traci Terrance, PhD | Temi Ojo, MD | Stacy Ogbeide, PsyD

Authors’ Response to “Improving the Interview Process”

Drew M. Keister, MD | Velyn Wu, MD, MACM | Veronica Brohm, DO | Kamini Geer, MD, MPH | Megan Labuz, MD | Michael Tudeen, MD | Mathieu Rousseau, MD, CM, PhD | Amelia Stutman, DO | Arti Patel, DO | Benjamin J. Rooks, MS | Arch G. Mainous, PhD