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March 2023  Vol. 55 No. 3


What’s a Mentor?

Valerie Gilchrist, MD


How to Sponsor, Coach, and Mentor: A Qualitative Study With Family Medicine Department Chairs

Morhaf Al Achkar, MD, PhD | Tyler S. Rogers, MD | Amanda Weidner, MPH | Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH | Jeannette E. South-Paul, MD, DHL (Hon)

Academic Achievement and Competency in Rural and Urban Family Medicine Residents

Lars Peterson, MD, PhD | Zachary J. Morgan, MS | C. Holly A. Andrilla, MS | Samantha W. Pollack, MHS | Randall Longenecker, MD | David Schmitz, MD | Davis G. Patterson, PhD

Rural Versus Urban Family Medicine Residency Scope of Training and Practice

Samantha W. Pollack, MHS | C. Holly A. Andrilla, MS | Lars Peterson, MD, PhD | Zachary J. Morgan, MS | Randall Longenecker, MD | David Schmitz, MD | David V. Evans, MD | Davis G. Patterson, PhD

The Association Between Length of Training and Family Medicine Residents’ Clinical Knowledge: A Report From the Length of Training Pilot Study

Patricia A. Carney, PhD, MS | Steele Valenzuela, MS | Annie Ericson, MA | Lars Peterson, MD, PhD | Dang H. Dinh, MS | Colleen M. Conry, MD | James C. Martin, MD | Karen B. Mitchell, MD | Stephanie E. Rosener, MD | Miguel Marino, PhD | M. Patrice Eiff, MD


Assessment of a Recognition Program in an Academic Family Medicine Department

Julie A. Radico, PsyD | Jessica Parascando, MPH | Tamara K. Oser, MD | Timothy D. Riley, MD

Assessment of Agenda Setting With ACGME Milestones in Family Medicine Residents

Catherine Caldwell, BS | Muhammed A. Rahim, BA | Abraar Muneem, BA | Munima Nasir, MD | Jessica Parascando, MPH | Megan Mendez-Miller, DO | Julie A. Radico, PsyD

Impact of a Community-Based Weight Management Program in a North Carolina Health Care System

Sarah J. Ro, MD | Angelica R. Lackey, MPH | Shannon E. Aymes, MD, MPH | Jennifer L. McCauley, MD | Teneisha C. Davis, MD | Raene Wang, MBA, MHA | Will Stanley, MS | Shana P. Ratner, MD | Sriram Machineni, MD | Lynne C. Fiscus, MD, MPH


She Should Decide

Maya Bass, MD, MA

Adult Status

Amy L. Wiser, MD

Joy, Unimpeded

Richard L. Holloway, PhD


The Way of Medicine

William E. Cayley, MD, MDiv


Strengthening Family Medicine’s Role in Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity

Johnathan E. Henderson, MD | Octavia Amaechi, MD | José E. Rodriguez, MD