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Outbreaks within the US military have shown that COVID-19 infections can sideline combat units and negatively affect unit cohesion. In this month's commentary, Dean Seehusen, MD, MPH, et al, argue that the recent legislation lifting the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for Active Duty military personnel has prioritized politics over national and personal protection.

May 2023  Vol. 55 No. 5


Expecting Uncertainty

William E. Cayley, MD, MDiv


Removing the COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for the Military Increases the United States’ National Security Concerns

Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH | Sabrina L. Silver, DO, CAQSM | Mark B. Stephens, MD | Thad Wilkins, MD, MBA


Border Health Training for Family Physicians: Is There a Need and Interest?

Danielle Fitzsimmons-Pattison, MD | Olga Valdman, MD | Mary Alice Scott, PhD | Kate Sullivan, BA | Judith Savageau, MPH

Perceived Access and Appropriateness: Comparison of Teaching and Resident Family Physicians’ Patients

Isabel Rodrigues, MD, MPH | Marie Authier, PhD | Jeannie Haggerty, PhD

Optimizing Survey Response Rates in Graduate Medical Education Research Studies

Annie Ericson, MA | Kathryn Bonuck, MSEd | Larry A. Green, MD | Colleen Conry, MD | James C. Martin, MD | Patricia A. Carney, PhD, MS

Longitudinal Interleaved Residency Training: A Consensus Definition

T. Aaron Zeller, MD | Katherine Beben, MD | Marianna Kong, MD | Ildi Martonffy, MD | Seth Patterson, MD | Weldon Deas, MD | Moonseong Heo, PhD | Drew M. Keister, MD

Abortion Provision by Family Physicians After Integrated Opt-Out Training in Residency

Aleza K. Summit, MPH | Erica Chong, MPH | Marji Gold, MD


Promotion Committees and Attending Meetings Improve Promotion Rates for Early Career Faculty

Kimberly Schiel, MD, MA | Kelly M. Everard, PhD | Alison Dobbie, MD

Professional Development Needs of Clerkship Directors

Suzanne Minor, MD | Kristen Hood Watson, MD | Rodolfo Bonnin, PhD | Suzanne Perkins, MPH | Vanessa Diaz, MD | Joanna Drowos, DO, MBA

Resident Self-assessment and Clinical Competency Committee Evaluations in Family Medicine: A Single-Institution Study

Namita Bhardwaj, MD, MS, MPH | Laura Porterfield, MD | Yong-Fang Kuo, PhD | Kendall M. Campbell, MD

Virtual Interviews: Outcomes and Lessons Learned

Maria Montanez Villacampa, MD | Mark T. Nadeau, MD, MBA | Kelsi Sexton Barajas, MA, MEd | Robert Wood, DrPH, MPH



Richard Bronson, MD

Tracing the Bullet

Marvin So, MD, MPH


Authors' Response to “In Response to ‘Promotion Preparation Tips for Academic Family Medicine Educators’”

Michelle K. Keating, DO, MEd | Magdalena Pasarica, MD, PhD | Frances E. Biagioli, MD

The Role of Podcasts in Co- and Extracurricular Learning

Leonard Kuan-Pei Wang, BS | Praneet Sai Paidisetty, BS | Sairandri Sathyanarayanan, BS