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NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018  Vol. 50 No. 10


Good News and Bad News

John Saultz, MD


Professional Identity, Job Satisfaction, and Commitment of Nonphysician Faculty in Academic Family Medicine

Arch G. Mainous III, PhD | Kiarash P. Rahmanian, MPH | Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD | Peter J. Carek, MD, MS

Examining an Evidence-Based Medicine Culture in Residency Education

John W. Epling, MD, MSEd | Joel J. Heidelbaugh, MD | Donald Woolever, MD | Gregory Castelli, PharmD | Misa Mi, PhD, MA | Emily M. Mader, MPH, MPP | Christopher P. Morley, PhD

Perceptions of Parenting Residents Among Family Medicine Residency Directors

Laura E. Morris, MD, MSPH | Erik Lindbloom, MD, MSPH | Robin L. Kruse, PhD, MSPH | Karla T. Washington, PhD, LCSW | Nikole J. Cronk, PhD | Heather L. Paladine, MD, MEd

PedHITSS: A Screening Tool to Detect Childhood Abuse in Clinical Settings

Amer Shakil, MD | Philip G. Day, PhD | Jessica Chu, MPH | Sarah B. Woods, PhD | Kate Bridges


Associations Between Integrated Care Practice and Burnout Factors of Primary Care Physicians

Max Zubatsky, PhD | Doug Pettinelli, PhD | Joanne Salas, MPH | Dawn Davis, MD

TotShots: An Innovative Pediatric Free Clinic Providing High Patient Satisfaction to the Underserved

Jamie LaGrandeur, BA | Maria Moros, MS | Jenna Dobrick, BA | Rombod Rahimian, MPH | Aida Siyahian, MS | Emily Tomlinson, BS | Paul Gordon, MD, MPH



Amy H. Buchanan, MD


Reply to “Underrepresented Minorities and Academic Difficulty During Family Medicine Residency: No Association?”

Natalia M. Binczyk | Oksana Babenko, PhD | Shirley Schipper, MD | Shelley Ross, PhD

Moving From Uncertainty to Internal Emotional Responses

William Ventres, MD, MA | Chris Rule, LCSW

Reply to “Moving From Uncertainty to Internal Emotional Responses”

Deborah Taylor, PhD | Bethany Picker, MD | Donald Woolever, MD | Erin K. Thayer, BA | Patricia A. Carney, PhD | Ari B. Galper, BA


Global Health Means Listening

William Ventres, MD, MA

Mission Chechnya

Brintha Vasagar, MD, MPH