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July-August 2019  Vol. 51 No. 7


Believable Witnesses

John J. Frey III, MD


Bariatric Surgery: Safe, Effective, and Underutilized

Oliver A. Varban, MD | Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH


Contraceptive Care for Women With Medical Conditions: A Qualitative Study to Identify Potential Best Practices for Primary Care Physicians

Minji Michelle Kang, MPH | Timothy C. Guetterman, PhD, MA | Julie K. Prussack, MD | Allison Ursu, MD | Justine P. Wu, MD, MPH

eConsults and Learning Between Primary Care Providers and Specialists

Clare Liddy, MD, MSc | Tala Abu-Hijleh, MD | Justin Joschko, MA | Douglas Archibald, PhD | Erin Keely, MD

Essential Office Procedures for Medicare Patients in Primary Care: Comparison With Family Medicine Residency Training

Eric A. Poulin, MD | Andrew W. Swartz, MD | Jason S. O'Grady, MD | Mclean Phillip M. Kersten, BS | Kurt B. Angstman, MD

Colorado Residency PCMH Project: Results From a 6-Year Transformation Effort

Douglas Fernald, MA | Tristen Hall, MPH | Linda Montgomery, MD | Chandra Hartman, MD | Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, RD, CDE | Emilie Buscaj, MPH | Jaclyn King, MSW | Miriam Dickinson, PhD | W. Perry Dickinson, MD


Breastfeeding During Family Medicine Residency

Lina Al-Imari, MD | Susan Hum, MSc | Paul Krueger, PhD, MHSc | Sheila Dunn, MD, MSc

Enhancing Medical Student-Interpreter Collaboration in an Urban Free Clinic

Alon Y. Mazori, BA | Maxim I. Maron, MS | Marika L. Osterbur Badhey, MS | Daniel Santos, MD | Virginia Folgado Marco, MS | Juan Lin, PhD | Amarilys Cortijo, MD | Sarah Nosal, MD | Ellie Schoenbaum, MD

Attitudes Surrounding a Community-Based Fitness Intervention at an Urban FQHC

Krys Foster, MD, MPH | John Stoeckle, MD | Alexis Silverio, MPH | Christine Castellan, MD | Angela Hogue, MD | Ayanna Gouch, MD, MA | Lara Weinstein, MD, DrPH, MPH


A Patient’s Angry Spouse Helped Me to Become a Better Physician

Vidya S. Kollu, MBBS, FACP | Parul Sud, MD, FACP | Steven E. Roskos, MD

Meaningful Use

Andrew J. McLean, MD, MPH


The Chronicles of Women in White Coats

Julie M. Stausmire, MSN, APRN.CNS

Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy

Joshua Hall, MD | Amanda Davis, MD | Andrea Pitts, MD | Chris Pitts, BS, PTA


Response to “The Importance of Support Staff to Research Capacity”

Amanda Weidner, MPH | Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH | Lars E. Peterson, MD, PhD | Arch G. Mainous III, PhD


Making the Business Case for Education

Frederick M. Chen, MD, MPH