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September 2021  Vol. 53 No. 8


Caveat Lector

John Saultz, MD


Transgender Education in North American Family Medicine Clerkships: A CERA Study

Kristi VanDerKolk, MD | Vicki R. McKinney, PhD, MBA | Lisa Graves, MD, MClinSc | Diane M. Harper, MD, MPH, MS

Family Medicine Residency Virtual Adaptations for Applicants During COVID-19

Monica S. Pasala, BS | Nadia M. Anabtawi, BS | Rex L. Farris, MS | Jayci V. Hamrick, BS | Nikhi P. Singh, BS | Soroush Rais-Bahrami, MD | Kimberly A. Smith, PhD

Community Health Center Residency Training: Improving Staffing, Service, and Quality

Candice Chen, MD, MPH | Nicholas Chong, MPH | Qian Luo, PhD, MPSA | Jeongyoung Park, PhD, MPH


Simple Rules That Guide Generalist and Specialist Care

Rebecca Etz, PhD | William L. Miller, MD, MA | Kurt C. Stange, MD, PhD


A Master Class in Family Doctor Leadership: Evaluating an Innovative Program

David White, MD, CCFP | June C. Carroll, MD, CCFP | Sara Crann, PhD, MA | Marla Shapiro, CM, MDCM, CCFP, MHSc, FRCPC, NCMP | Cynthia Whitehead, MD, CCFP, MScCH, PhD | Risa Freeman, MD, CCFP, MEd | Richard H. Glazier, MD, MPH, CCFP | Danielle Martin, MD, CCFP, MPP | Michael Kidd, AM, FAHMS

Clinical Educator and Student Perceptions of a Weekly Observed Practice Activity Evaluation Tool

Kelly Bossenbroek Fedoriw, MD | Amy W. Shaheen, MD, MSc | Michele Birch, MD | Cristin Colford, MD | Julie Golding | Gary L. Beck Dallaghan, PhD

A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Physician Abortion Practice After Residency

Sabrina Gill MD, MS | Quinn Jackson, MD, MPH | Sherry Weitzen, MD, PhD


The Fanny Pack Chronicles

Cristina Marti-Amarista, MD

Who Really Sees Me?

Kanesha Day, PharmD

Following Hippocrates

James S. Huntley


The Handbook of Wellness Medicine

John E. Snellings, MD

The Lost Art of Dying: Reviving Forgotten Wisdom

John Brewer Eberly Jr, MD, MA | Amanda Davis, MD


In Response to Bliss et al: Academic Medicine Must Look Inward to Address Leaky Pipelines

Octavia Amaechi, MD | Krys E. Foster, MD, MPH | Juan Robles, MD | Kendall Campbell, MD

Introspection to Improve Pipelines and Graduate Programs at University of Utah Health

José E. Rodríguez, MD | Carolyn Bliss, PhD | Kathryn Browning Hawes, BS | Nora Wood, PhD | Mike Martineau, PhD | Marissa L. Diener, PhD | Ana María López, MD, MPH, MACP

Another Challenge of Family Medicine Residency Training in Japan

Masato Niimura, MD | Kazuhisa Motomura, MD | Makoto Kaneko, MD, PhD | Taisuke Tsuji, MD | Toshifumi Yodoshi, MD, PhD

Rural Family Medicine Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ryuichi Ohta, MD, MHPE | Chiaki Sano, MD, PhD

Cost Neutrality of Fourth Year in Military Programs

John F. Sullivan, DO, MC, USN | James W. Keck, MD, MBA | Mark B. Stephens, MD, MS | Tara A. O'Connell | Dustin K. Smith, DO | Kristian Sanchack, MD, MHA | Robert P. Lennon, MD, JD

In Response to “Persistent Impostor Phenomenon Is Associated With Distress in Medical Students”

Elena Whiteman | Emma Brandstatter | Rosie Cleere | Olivia Betty Ellard

Authors’ Response to Dr Halloran Regarding Firearm Safety Counselling

Julie N. Thai, MD, MPH | Hussein A. Saghir, DO, MPH, CAQSM | Prabhat Pokhrel, MD, PhD, MS | Robert E. Post, MD, MS