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February 2019  Vol. 51 No. 2


Factors Associated With Successful Research Departments A Qualitative Analysis of Family Medicine Research Bright Spots

Winston Liaw, MD, MPH | Aimee Eden, PhD, MPH | Megan Coffman, MS | Meera Nagaraj | Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH

The Scholarly Output of Faculty in Family Medicine Departments

Winston Liaw, MD, MPH | Stephen Petterson, PhD | Vivian Jiang, MD | Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH | James Pecsok | Daniel McCorry, MD | Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH

The Current State of Research Capacity in US Family Medicine Departments

Amanda Weidner, MPH | Lars E. Peterson, MD, PhD | Arch G. Mainous III, PhD | Avisek Datta, MSIBS | Bernard Ewigman, MD, MSPH

Supporting Family Medicine Research Capacity: The Critical Role and Current Contributions of US Family Medicine Organizations

Christina M. Hester, PhD, MPH | Vivian Jiang, MD | Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant, PhD | Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH | Jennifer K. Carroll, MD, MPH | Jennifer E. DeVoe, MD, DPhil | W. Perry Dickinson, MD | Alex H. Krist, MD, MPH | Winston Liaw, MD, MPH | Ronna D. New, DO | Tom Vansaghi, PhD

Graduating Medical Student Perspectives on Factors Influencing Specialty Choice An AAFP National Survey

Amanda Kost, MD, MEd | Ashley Bentley, MBA | Julie Phillips, MD, MPH | Christina Kelly, MD | Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH | Christopher P. Morley, PhD

Findings From FMAHealth’s Bright Spots in Practice Transformation Project

Cecil Robinson, PhD | Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH | Kisha N. Davis, MD, MPH | Malachi O'Connor, PhD


Factors That Influence Student Choice in Family Medicine A National Focus Group

Mustafa Alavi, MD | Tiffany Ho, MD, MPH | Chandler Stisher | Emma Richardson | Christina Kelly, MD | KrisEmily McCrory, MD | John Snellings, MD | Katie Zurek, MD | Mandy Ward Boltz, MD, MPH


Collaborating to Achieve the Optimal Family Medicine Workforce

Christina Kelly, MD | Anastasia J. Coutinho, MD | Constance Goldgar, MS, PA-C | Wanda Gonsalves, MD | Cal Gutkin, MD | Rick Kellerman, MD | Gerald Fetter, MSA | Mike Tuggy, MD | Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD | Judith Pauwels, MD | B. Tate Hinkle, MD, MPH | Natasha Bhuyan, MD | KrisEmily McCrory, MD | Michelle A. Roett, MD, MPH, CPE | John Snellings, MD | Kim Yu, MD | Ashley Bentley, MBA

Preceptor Expansion Initiative Takes Multitactic Approach to Addressing Shortage of Clinical Training Sites

Mary Theobald, MBA | Ann Ruttter, MD, MS | Beat Steiner, MD, MPH | Christopher P. Morley, PhD

Student and Resident Involvement in Family Medicine for America’s Health A Step Toward Leadership Development

Anastasia J. Coutinho, MD | Natasha Bhuyan, MD | Alexandra Gits, MD | Mustafa Alavi, MD | Tiffany Ho, MD, MPH | Jean Shiraki, DO | Kristina Dakis, MD | Cecilia Jojola, MD, MA | Chandler Stisher | Paige Ely

A Systematic Approach to Understanding and Implementing Patient-Centered Care

Diane Stollenwerk, MPP | Lauren Birchfield Kennedy, JD | Lauren S. Hughes, MD, MPH, MSc | Malachi O'Connor, PhD

The Shared Principles of Primary Care: A Multistakeholder Initiative to Find a Common Voice

Ted Epperly, MD | Christine Bechtel, MA | Rosemarie Sweeney, MPA | Ann Greiner, MA | Kevin Grumbach, MD | Julie Schilz, MBA, BSN | Glen Stream, MD | Malachi O'Connor, PhD

Development, Value, and Implications of a Comprehensive Primary Care Payment Calculator for Family Medicine Report From Family Medicine for America’s Health Payment Tactic Team

Aaron George, DO | Neha Sachdev, MD | John Hoff, BA | Stanley Borg, DO | Thomas Weida, MD | Malachi O'Connor, PhD | Kisha N. Davis, MD, MPH

Report From the FMAHealth Practice Core Team: Achieving the Quadruple Aim Through Practice Transformation

Jason E. Marker, MD, MPA | Kisha N. Davis, MD, MPH | Rebecca Etz, PhD | Samuel M. Jones, MD | Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH | Michael LeFevre, MD, MPH | Robert Phillips, MD, MSPH

Addressing Family Medicine’s Capacity to Improve Health Equity Through Collaboration, Accountability and Coalition-Building

Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD | Brian Frank, MD | Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH | Lloyd Michener, MD | Jane Weida, MD | Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH | Laura Gottlieb, MD | Bonzo Reddick, MD, MPH | Christina Kelly, MD | Kim Yu, MD | Sarah Davis, JD, MPA | Jewell Carr, MD | Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH | Karen L. Smith, MD | Ronna D. New, DO


Do You See Me?

Kim Yu, MD | Natasha Bhuyan, MD | Christina Kelly, MD | Jean Shiraki, DO | Alice Esame, MD | Carlos E. Cunha, MD | Christopher Watson, MD, MPH


What I Learned in China

Beat Steiner, MD, MPH