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APRIL 2022  Vol. 54 No. 4

—From the Editor—

—Original Articles—

Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity in Academic Family Medicine

Christine K. Jacobs, MD | Montgomery Douglas, MD | Paul Ravenna, MD | Elisabeth Wilson, MD | Cleveland Piggott, MD | Timothy Chrusciel, MPH | Harry Strothers, MD

Simulation-Based Medical Education in Family Medicine Residencies: A CERA Study

Johnny C. Tenegra, MD, MS | M. Rebecca Hoffman, MD, MSPH | Georgia S. Mueller Luckey, PhD, MS | Lisabeth F. DiLalla, PhD | Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD

Social, Individual, and Environmental Characteristics of Family Medicine Resident Burnout: A CERA Study

John R. Freedy, MD, PhD | Claire Staley, MD | Lisa D. Mims, MD | Alec O. DeCastro, MD | Suzanne Perkins, MPH | Carole Berini, MS | Terrence E. Steyer, MD

—Brief Reports—

Telemedicine Clinical Skills Needs Assessment in Early Medical Students

Tina Kumra, MD, MPH | Maura McGuire, MD | Ariella Stein, MPH | Amit K. Pahwa, MD

Description and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Residency Curriculum Using the Evidence-Based Medicine Environment Survey

Celeste Song, MD, MS | Lorraine Porcello, MSLIS, MSIM | Tresne Hernandez | Brooke A. Levandowski, PhD, MPA

—Narrative Essays—

When the Difficult Patient Was Me

Maureen O. Grissom, PhD

From Cutie to Cougar

Anne Walling, MB, ChB

Teaching Rounds

Sherine Salib, MD, MRCP, FACP

Coverage Gap

Sarah E. Stumbar, MD, MPH

Pausing to Keep Going

Amy L. Wiser, MD

—Book and Media Reviews—

The Long Fix

Daniel Jason Frasca, DO

The Virus That Came to Town

Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD

—Letters to the Editor—

Response to “Mistakes”

Elizabeth C. Halloran, PhD

Address White Fragility In Order to Engage in Racial Caucusing

Tiffany Ho, MD, MPH | José Rodríguez, MD, FAAFP

—President's Column—

A New Model Explaining the Transformation From Interprofessional Education to Collaborative Practice

Aaron J. Michelfelder, MD, FAAFP, FAAMA | Frances Vlasses, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN | Holly O'Connor | Jill Cuba, JD