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March 2022  Vol. 54 No. 3


Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias in Family Medicine: Divergent Experiences of Men and Women

Mechelle Sanders, PhD | Colleen T. Fogarty, MD, MSc | Holly Ann Russell, MD, MS | Kevin Fiscella, MD, MPH | Anne Nofziger, MD | Elizabeth H. Naumburg, MD | Tziporah Rosenberg, PhD | Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

Racial/Ethnic Group Trajectory Differences in Exam Performance Among US Family Medicine Residents

Ting Wang, PhD | Thomas R. O'Neill, PhD | Aimee R. Eden, PhD, MPH | Melina K. Taylor, PhD, MPH | Warren P. Newton, MD, MPH | Zachary J. Morgan, MS | Lars E. Peterson, MD, PhD

COVID-19 Exposure Risk, Burnout, and Shifts in Family Medicine Faculty’s Efforts: A National Survey

Megan Ferriby Ferber, PhD | Max Zubatsky, PhD | Christine K. Jacobs, MD | Peter F. Cronholm, MD, MSCE

Postresidency Impact of Alcohol and Drug Screening and Intervention Training

J. Aaron Johnson, PhD | Slyvia Shellenberger, PhD | Christopher Buchanan, MD | Nicholas Cline, MD | Mary Velasquez, PhD | Kirk Von Sternberg, PhD | John Roxborough IV, MD | J. Paul Seale, MD


Milestones as a Faculty Development Tool for Career Academic Physicians

Rebecca K. Kemmet, MD | Gregory H. Blake, MD, MPH | Robert E. Heidel, PhD | G. Anthony Wilson, MD

Medical Students’ Perceptions and Retention of Skills From Active Resilience Training

Hannah Mugford | Collette O’Connor | Kerry Danelson, PhD | David Popoli, MD

Assessing HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Education in a Family Medicine Residency

John A. Aurora Jr., PharmD, BCACP | Stephanie L. Ballard, PharmD, BCPS | Cynthia L. Salter, PhD, MPH | Ben Skinker, MD

Evaluation of a Residency Peer-to-Peer Intervention in Opioid Prescribing

Leora Aquino, MD | Anne Ottney, PharmD, BCPS | Amy Odom, DO | Julie Phillips, MD, MPH


Hands Intertwined

Rebecca Levy, PhD | Alison Rumball, MD

Dramatic Irony

Jennifer Martini, MD

The Weight of Not Managing Weight

Ryan N. Walker, MD, MPH

Elegy for a Teaching Hospital

Jeffrey Borkan, MD, PhD


The Care of Strangers

Hugh Silk, MD, MPH, FAAFP

The Course of God’s Providence

William Cayley Jr, MD, MDiv


French Innovation to Improve the Publication Rate of Primary Care Studies

Maxime Pautrat, MD | Melissa Tenot, MD | Jean Yves Le Reste, MD, PhD | Jean Pierre Lebeau, MD, PhD


The Solution to Burnout

Aaron J. Michelfelder, MD, FAAFP, FAAMA