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SEPTEMBER 2022  Vol. 54 No. 8


—Original Articles—

Comfort With Uncertainty in Medical Students and Their Residency Choice: A Residency Research Network of Texas Study

Richard A. Young, MD | Inez Cruz, PhD | Neelima J. Kale, MD | Jennifer G. Chang, MD | Katherine Buck, PhD | Stacy A. Ogbeide, PsyD | Meredith L.C. Williamson, PhD | Arindam Sarkar, MD | Bailey A. Preikschat, MPH

The Predictive Value of the Residency AOBFP In-Service Exam, Produced and Administered by ACOFP

Jonathan W. Torres, DO, MPA | John R. Bowling, DO | Christopher Zipp, DO | Nicholas Williams, MEd | Jeanne M. Sandella, DO | Lidia Martinez, MS | Bob Moore, MA, CAE

Validation of the Jefferson Scale of Patient Perception of Physician Empathy Spanish (Spain) Version in Primary Care

Nieves Díez, MD, PhD | Loreto García del Barrio, MD | Maria Cristina Rodríguez-Díez, MD, PhD | Raquel Martín-Lanas, PsyD | Alfredo Gea, PhD | Manuel João Costa, PhD

Factors Influencing Graduating Medical Students in Puerto Rico to Pursue a Primary Care Residency in the Continental United States

David Beaton-Comulada, MD | Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD | Viviana M. Serra-López, MD, MS | Carlos Guevara-Serra, BS | Hector Muñoz-Miro, BS | Norman Ramirez, MD | Antonio Otero-López, MD

—Brief Reports—

Empathy and Burnout During Residency: Which Changes First?

William J. Crump, MD | Craig Ziegler, PhD | Steve Fricker, MPA

—Narrative Essays—

Healing Art

Corey Fogleman, MD

Polite Persistence

Lydia Smeltz, BA

A Pocket

Corey Fogleman, MD

What I Expected and What I Have

Kate Rowland, MD, MS

Abortion Hotline in 55-Word Stories

Sarah E. Stumbar, MD, MPH

—Book and Media Reviews—

Where No One Should Live

Kirsten Winnie, MD

—Letters to the Editor—

Primary Care Challenges in Addressing Veterans’ Postdeployment Mental Health

Marianne Mathewson-Chapman, PhD, MSN, APRN | Helena J. Chapman, MD, MPH, PhD

Military Family Medicine Readiness for National Pandemic Hospital Support

Dana R. Nguyen, MD, FAAFP, Chair of Family Medicine | Michael J. Arnold, MD, FAAFP | John P. Barrett, MD, MPH, MS, FACPM, FAAFP | Paul F. Crawford, MD, FAAFP | Matthew K. Hawks, MD, FAAFP

Prioritize Comprehensive Women’s Health Training, Protect Our Communities

Keyona Oni, MD | Kari-Claudia Allen, MD | Judy Washington, MD

Address Structural Racism First!

Victoria Udezi, MD, MPH | Tanya Anim, MD | José E. Rodríguez, MD

—President's Column—