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April 2019  Vol. 51 No. 4


How Can Family Physicians Contribute to Ending Childhood Obesity?

Shailen Sutaria, MRCGP, MSc, MBBS | Sonia Saxena, MBBS, MSc, MD


Group Medical Visit Training in Family Medicine Residency: A 2015 CERA Program Directors Survey

Carmen Strickland, MD, MPH | Joanne C. Sandberg, PhD | Stephen W. Davis, MA | Sally P. Weaver, MD, PhD

Forward Feeding in Graduate Medical Education: Results of a National Survey

Alexei O. DeCastro, MD | Lisa D. Mims, MD, MSCR | Mark B. Stephens, MD | Alexander W. Chessman, MD

Exploring Change After Implementation of Family Medicine Residency Curriculum Reform

Peter Z. Zhang | Deena M. Hamza, PhD | Shelley Ross, PhD | Ivy Oandasan, MD, CCFP, MHSc

Prevalence of Clinic First Curricula: A Survey of AFMRD Members

Timothy A. Zeller, MD | Joseph A. Ewing, PhD | Irfan M. Asif, MD


Family Medicine Program Director Tenure: 2011 Through 2017

Steven R. Brown, MD | Richard Gerkin, MD, MS

Incorporating the Patient Voice Into Practice Improvement: A Role for Medical Trainees

Kristie Y. Hsu, BS | Victor M. Contreras, MS | Kathan Vollrath, MD, MPH | Nancy Cuan, MD, MS | Steven Lin, MD

Medical-Legal Partnerships to Enhance Residency Training in Advance Care Planning

Jessie M. Pettit, MD, IBCLC | Anne M. Ryan, JD | Julie Armin, PhD | Barry D. Weiss, MD


The Value of Guidance

Fei Wang, BA | Ivy Leung, BFA | Melissa A. Simon, MD, MPH

My Mother’s Incidentaloma

Richard Bronson, MD

From Barrel Roll to Bedside

Anne M. Hutchinson, MD


Supporting Family Physician Maternity Care Providers

Daniel M. Avery, MD | Catherine A. Skinner, MD | Marion D. Reed, MD

Burnout in Family Physician Maternity Care Providers?

Steven E. Roskos, MD | James Olson, MD | Julie P. Phillips, MD, MPH

Family Medicine Research “Bright Spots” in Low-Resource Settings

Christine Broszko, MD | Kirsten Winnie, MD | Amy Whittle, MD

Reply to “Family Medicine Research ‘Bright Spots’ in Low-Resource Settings”

Winston Liaw, MD, MPH | Aimee Eden, PhD, MPH | Megan Coffman, MS | Meera Nagaraj | Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH