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MARCH 2019  Vol. 51 No. 3




Essential Skills for Family Medicine Residents Practicing Integrated Behavioral Health A Delphi Study

Matt Martin, PhD, LMFT | Leslie Allison, MS, LMFT | Elizabeth Banks, PhD, LMFT | David Bauman, PsyD | Jennifer Harsh, PhD, LMFT | Amber Cahill, PsyD | Linda Myerholtz, PhD | Max Zubatsky, PhD | Larry Mauksch, MEd

Design and Implementation of a Competency-Based Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum

Benjamin Schneider, MD | Frances E. Biagioli, MD | Ryan Palmer, EdD | Peggy O'Neill | Sean C. Robinson, MD | Rebecca E. Cantone, MD

Trends in US Medical School Contributions to the Family Physician Workforce: 2018 Update From the American Academy of Family Physicians

Julie P. Phillips, MD, MPH | Andrea Wendling, MD | Ashley Bentley, MBA | Rae Marsee, MBA | Christopher P. Morley, PhD

The Impact of Oral Health Training for Primary Care Clinicians: A Systematic Review

Kathleen Dwiel, MSPH | Martell A. Hesketh | Jessica L. Alpert | Jacqueline Cellini, MLIS, MPH | Kristen Goodell, MD | Russell S. Phillips, MD | Erin E. Sullivan, PhD


Training Pathways to Working as a General Practitioner in China

Siqing Lian, MD | Qi Chen, PhD | Mi Yao, MD | Chunhua Chi | Michael D. Fetters, MD, MPH, MA


Sustainable Curriculum to Increase Scholarly Activity in a Family Medicine Residency

Sajeewane Manjula Seales, MD, MPH | Robert P. Lennon, MD, JD | Kristian Sanchack, MD, MHA | Dustin K. Smith, DO


Choose Your Battles

Kumara Raja Sundar, MD


Jeffrey Walden, MD


The Diabetes Code

Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH


Authors’ Reply to “Training and Supporting Residents, for All Family Medicine Practice Settings”

Bryan Hodge, DO | Sarah B. Thach, MPH | Misty Cox | Shelley L. Galvin, MA | Anna Beth Parlier-Ahmad


Language Matters

Danielle Jameison, BA | Beat Steiner, MD, MPH