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MAY 2022  Vol. 54 No. 5

—From the Editor—


Sarina Schrager, MD, MS

—Original Articles—

Training Family Medicine Residents to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Survey of Program Directors

Mechelle Sanders, PhD | Colleen T. Fogarty, MD, MSc | Christopher P. Morley, PhD | Stephen Schultz, MD | Mathew Devine, DO | Soumya B. Sridhar, MBBS, MSc | Kevin Fiscella, MD, MPH

Delays in Children’s Preventive Health Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kimberley H. Nguyen, DrPH, MS | Kimchi Nguyen, MPH | Devika Lekshmi | Laura Corlin, PhD | Richard W. Niska, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Exploration of Remote Didactics at Rural Family Medicine Training Programs

Ying Zhang, MD, MPH | Tessa E. Moore, BS | Amanda Weidner, MPH | Viet Nguyen, MD | Randall L. Longenecker, MD | David Schmitz, MD | Keri Bergeson, MD | David V. Evans, MD

Family Medicine Musculoskeletal Medicine Education: A CERA Study

Velyn Wu, MD, MACM | Kiyomi Goto, DO | Stephen Carek, MD | Michael Petrizzi, MD | Jason W. Deck, MD | Irvin Sulapas, MD | Sherilyn DeStefano, MD | Alexei O. DeCastro, MD | Benjamin J. Rooks, MS | Arch G. Mainous III, PhD | Ambar Kulshreshtha, MD, PhD

—Brief Reports—

Promotion Preparation Tips for Academic Family Medicine Educators

Michelle K. Keating, DO, MEd | Magdalena Pasarica, MD, PhD | Mark B. Stephens, MD | Joanna Drowos, DO, MPH, MBA | Amy Clithero-Eridon, PhD, MBA | Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, MD | Maria Syl de la Cruz, MD | Matthew Holley, PhD | Vicki Hayes, MD | Andrea Berry, MPH | Kimberly S. Schiel, MD | Frances E. Biagioli, MD

Assessing Family Medicine Physicians’ Perceptions of Integrated Behavioral Health in a Primary Care Residency

Ruth Nutting, PhD, LCMFT | Samuel Ofei-Dodoo, PhD, MPA, MA | Jennifer Wipperman, MD | Ashley D. Allen, MD

—Narrative Essays—

Dear Applicant

Jennifer Edwards-Johnson, DO, MPH


Colleen T. Fogarty, MD, MSc | Heidi Zinkand, MD


Kate E. Lee, BA

—Book and Media Reviews—

AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

Shruti Varadarajan, MD

—Letters to the Editor—

Authors’ Response to Ashton Gatewood and Michael Harding: Tribal Partnerships as an Avenue Forward

Larry A. Green, MD | William L. Miller, MD, MA | John J. Frey III, MD | Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD | Jane Westberg, PhD, MA | Deborah J. Cohen, PhD | Robin S. Gotler, MA | Frank V. DeGruy, MD